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New Lawn – Seed vs Sod?

Guest blog post from Joe @ Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc.

My professional opinion on the use of sod is that I will recommend it only when absolutely necessary. The reason we like growing a lawn from seed over sod is that we can choose the best blend of turf grass seed for the specific site/conditions at hand. Please keep in mind that most commercially grown Kentucky Bluegrass blend sod is meant to be installed in areas that have 70% + sun exposure throughout a given day. One important factor rarely exposed by most sod resellers. Read More...

How Much Does Hydroseeding Cost?

Answer: Well, “it depends” on the desired results.

Better quality results require higher mulch application rates with specific types of mulch products. Standard application rate is approx 2000 lbs/ac, but a good hydroseeding contractor will adjust rates to meet the requirement of the job site. Slopes and other factors can require rates as high as 4500lbs/acre. As quality and application rates increase, so does the material and labour costs required to make the application. Also, the type or mulch can greater affect the success (or failure) of the job site. Paper mulches sprayed on by jet-agitation machines are “cheap”, but are highly ineffective during any kind of erosion events such as a heavy rainfall. Wood/Cotton/Straw mulches with tackifier are the best products available and can only be mixed and sprayed by heavy grade, mechanical agitation machines such as Finn. Read More...

Spring Overseeding Techniques

Do you tend to:

Overseed after a deadly winter on the Golf Course?
Overseed the area where snow was piled high all winter?

The Biotic Approach Means Building a Soil

While conventional erosion systems rely on imported topsoil to prepare a “seed bed”, the biotic approach relies on refurbishing the existing soil with tillage, if necessary, and with the addition of a Biotic Earth™ Growing Medium and EarthBound® Soil Stabilizers it will mimic the O horizon.


Why Import Topsoil?

Would you rather put a bag of wood fiber or bag of peat moss in your home garden to improve the soil? Read More...

Change the way you look at establishing vegetation with your hydroseeder

Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding and Erosion Control is always looking for new and innovative ways to grow better vegetation, faster. Once such product that we really like is called Biotic Earth by Verdyol Plant Research company. Read More...

Flexible Growth Medium – A Hydroseeding Contractors Perspective

For many hydroseeding contractors and erosion control specialists the development of Flexible Growth Mediums could just be the next big innovation; hydroseeding contractors can now hydraulically apply an erosion control solution that outstrips the performance of other techniques, offering superior results whilst achieving major labour savings. Read More...