How do I prepare the area that needs to be hydroseeded?

There is not much difference than the way you would prep the area for sod or seeding conventionally. However, preparing the ground for hydroseeding is a very important part of the entire process. Remove existing grass and weeds. If there is an excessive amount of vegetation in the area, a non-selective herbicide, such as Roundup, can be sprayed over the entire area to kill unwanted weeds. If topsoil is brought in, use a minimum of 4 inches, then level, roll and rake the area so the first inch is loose and fluffy. If you have a large area, a quad or lawn tracker with a set of harrows can be used to loosen up the soil. After you harrow you can use a piece of chain link fence or turn the harrows upside down to remove the grooves and make it smooth and manicured. You need to ensure that the topsoil is not crusted or hard packed. Be sure the surface is free of any debris, large rocks, leaves and sticks. Another item to consider is underground sprinklers or irrigation systems. Once the site is fully prepared, give us a call and we will book a date to hydroseed your new lawn for you.

How long will it take before I see results?

Depending upon watering and/or rainfall amounts, a properly hydroseeded lawn should show results in as little as 7 to 10 days and should be ready for the first cut in 4 to 6 weeks. This is only a guideline and soil moisture and environmental conditions will dictate the actual length of grass establishment.

Can I walk on my newly hydroseeded lawn?

Yes, you may walk on the surface when watering during the first 2 weeks, being careful not to disturb the mulch/seed mix mat. Heavy traffic is not recommended and can cause patchy emergence and lawn establishment. The more you disturb your new lawn, the greater the chance you will cause damage to the young lawn.

What about using sod?

You’ll have a thick, green lawn immediately, but the process of applying sod is extremely labour intensive, and costly. Although it looks like you have an immediate lawn, it is not very durable and well rooted for approximately 1 year, and therefore can be more susceptible to disease and drought. A sod lawn requires more extensive watering than hydroseeded lawn to become established. The property owner doesn’t have to pay the sod company for growing, weeding, palletizing, shipping and the installation of the product when deciding to hydroseed. This is why hydroseeding is a fraction of the cost of sod. Sod is also known for not catching and dying off when being grown in one location and then stripped off and relocated to a different soil.

What are the advantages of hydroseeding vs. conventional seeding?

Hydroseeding is excellent for preventing soil erosion due to wind and water, because the wood or paper mulch bonds directly to the ground, with the use of a tackifier, which holds the seed in place.

By having your lawn hydroseeded, you are ensuring nearly 100% germination and emergence. Each seed is suspended and protected in the mulch mat, which creates a mini-greenhouse effect, retaining 10 times its weight in water and promoting germination. It produces a high quality lawn without the areas lacking seed, years of spot seeding and an overwhelming amount of weeds.

When is the best time to hydroseed?

Spring – gives you a jump on a nice lush lawn for summer and fall.

Summer – depending on your vacation schedule, the summer can be an excellent time to hydroseed. Make sure you water a little more frequently due to the hot weather.

Fall – gives you a nice lush lawn for the following spring. The lawn will be a little thin in the fall, but by next spring it will thicken up and fill in nicely. You will have a nicely established lawn the following spring.

Will the green mulch stain my sidewalks, driveways, flowerbeds or siding of my house?

NO. The green mulch slurry will not stain any of the above areas. If the mulch gets on any of the above it is simply removed with water.

Will the green mulch cause any harm to our family pets?

NO. All components of the hydroseeding process are environmentally friendly and will not cause harm to pets or other wildlife.

Do you GUARANTEE my lawn will grow?

We want you to have a healthy lawn. Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding warrants that high quality certified ingredients and application techniques are used for the hydroseeding process. If the lawn does not establish properly during the current growing season, because of product or workmanship, those portions of the lawn that are not growing will be re-seeded, FREE!

Be sure to water and maintain your new lawn as directed. If the lawn is not properly maintained and watered as directed, the warranty is void.