Rapid Lawn is a member of Tradebank Regina

tradeabnk (1)Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding & Landscaping is a member of Tradebank

Tradebank Regina is part of the Tradebank Canada organization. We are a group of B2B barter networks spanning 3 provinces and 19 franchised regions. Companies like Rapid Lawn Hydrorseeding join Tradebank to barter goods and services with other participating businesses, thus boosting sales and bottom line savings. A company will provide a product or service and get paid in TRADEdollars. They can then take those TRADEĀ dollars and spend them back with one of 3000 businesses Canada wide who are within our network reach. Anything from vacations, tires, signage, printing, advertising, hot tubs, landscaping, jackets, coffee, renovations, and of course Hydroseeding!

Check them out at www.tradebank.ca.

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