Angus Street Residential Project

Follow the flagstone path!

Angus street was an amazing project! How could you go wrong with several beautiful gardens and a flagstone pathway!? This yard definitely stands out!

Work Stage 1


Alternate view of front yard with markings on the ground
Alternate view of a front yard with markings on the ground

Spraying out where the walkway will be placed allows us to excavate each area of the yard at the correct depths. Deeper excavation is required for the patio and retaining wall and shallower excavation for the irrigation and sod.

Work Stage 2

Pathway, Irrigation & Sod Install

View of landscaping in progress with completed walkway
Alternate view of a completed front yard

Flagstone pathway is placed first so that we can ensure the irrigation & sod is laid at the appropriate grade. We place sleeving under the pathway so that we can feed pipe to all areas of the yard that require irrigation. Next, we apply 3-4" of topsoil and roll out the sod.

Work Stage 3

Final Touches

Alternate view of a finished front yard showing off flower beds
View of a landscaped front yard with grass and flower bed

This customer supplied and installed their own plants and we finished the look with the drip line and black mulch!

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