Bruton Place Residential Project

The perfect compliment of turf to brick!

This customer couldn’t get their lawn to grow and needed a simple solution! The solution was a beautiful patio and a lush artificial lawn! They can now enjoy their backyard with little to no maintenance!

Work Stage 1

Excavation & Base Preparation

Landscaping in progress - digging up the yard
A view of landscaping in progress with lines placed and sand and fabric laid down
Building out the brick walkway

We excavate the yard so it may be replaced with crusher dust. The crusher dust is then compacted in several lifts to make sure it is solid the whole way through. Screed bars are used to ensure that the base is level. The final step before laying the bricks, is to apply a layer of brick sand!

Work Stage 2

Patio Installation

A close view of a completed brick walkway
A view of landscaping in progress with a brick walkways completed and washed
A view of landscaping in progress with a brick walkway completed

This customer wanted their bricks to be laid in a pattern using roman paving stones and bordered with a holland brick. After the patio is laid we use snap edge to secure the patio in place. Finally, we fill the patio with polymeric sand to prevent ant hills and weeds from coming up between your patio stones!

Work Stage 3

Turf Installation

Finished back yard with new green grass
A view of a newly-landscaped back yard
Newly landscaped back yard

Once all the brick work is done it is time to roll out the turf! We cut the turf to fit the desired area, spike it down so there is no movement, and finally we fill the turf with sand to keep the piece weighed down and the blades standing upright!

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