Cattail Way Residential Project

Good bye patchy grass, hello lush green lawn!

This customers patchy lawn was due for an upgrade! They chose to use turf to revamp their yard, and it turned out wonderful! We also installed a small patio area for them to set up a smoker to use during the summer months! They can now enjoy their backyard with out the worry of trying to keep their grass alive!

Work Stage 1


A yard with patchy grass
Alternate view of a yard with patchy grass
Close view of patchy grass

We ripped out their existing, patchy lawn so that we were able to install their base for their turf and patio. We had to build their yard up using Pisa II wall blocks so everything remained level with their existing concrete patio. Once all was said and done they had a beautiful space to enjoy!

Work Stage 2

Patio & Turf Install

Decorative brick area at the edge of some new grass
Alternate view of small yard with new grass
A worker putting the finishing touches on a yard

We installed the retaining wall blocks, patio stones, and rolled out the turf. We bordered the turf and retaining wall area with 40 mm round rock to allow for drainage between yards.

Work Stage 3

Final Touches

View of small finished yard with new grass
Landscaped yard with new grass
Alternate view of landscaped yard with new grass

To finish the yard up we cut, spike and sand the turf to fit the area, glue all caps down on the retaining wall, and fill the patio with polymeric sand. All these final touches complete the yard!

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