Crane Crescent Residential Project

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

This new build was a blank template when our crew started the quoting process. They now have a lush green lawn and a beautiful new patio to enjoy!

Work Stage 1

Patio Construction

Patio Construction

This yard was a blank slate when the crews arrived. Prior to bringing in topsoil for the sod and setting the grade, our crews needed to build a base for the patio.

Work Stage 2

Topsoil, Grading, New Sod

Finished patio and new sod

Following the patio construction, our team was able to grade the yard to avoid water pooling around the new patio.

Work Stage 3

Finishing Touches

Rock border between the new sod and the fence

Following the patio and sod installation, crews completed a rock border around the perimeter of the property.

Work Stage 4

Front Yard Construction

front yard runddle stone and new sod

This front yard features Rundle stone and freshly laid sod.

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