Faith Baptist Church Project

Two green thumbs up!

The church wanted to create a more welcoming entrance! This job allowed us to use several different skills that our crews carry!

Work Stage 1


view of excavation and planter box.

After we excavated we installed a timber planter box to accommodate the high roots. This also helped to prevent any damage to the tree. This included a drip line to keep all plantings alive and healthy.

Work Stage 2


view of rebar

The next step included placing the rebar for a new concrete walkway so that both doors at the church were easily accessible.

Work Stage 3


another view of concrete pour
view of concrete pour
view of concrete and planter

Concrete is then poured over the rebar.

Work Stage 4


view of graded topsoil and ground level planter
view of completed sidewalk and ground level planter
view of new sod laid.

The final step for this property was setting all the irrigation heads to be at the correct height, spreading all the topsoil, planting all the shrubs and perennials, and finally laying the sod.

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