Gelsinger Place Residential Project

It's time to party!

This family needed a quick and easy solution to host a graduation party in their back yard. What better solution than to install an instant lawn!

Work Stage 1


View of a yard with patchy grass
View of a small yard with old patchy grass

We ripped out this lawn to replace it with compacted base to install brick edging and turf on. The brick edging is to separate the artificial lawn and the garden bed. That way they didn't have to worry about any mud or dirt getting on their grass!

Work Stage 2

Brick Edging

Another view of small yard with new grass
View of small yard with new grass

First step is to install the brick edging. The bullet edgers are a thicker brick so it is necessary to install them a little deeper than usual so they are not sticking up above the turf. Once the brick edging is in place, it is time to install the turf!

Work Stage 3

Turf Installation

View of a yard with vibrant green grass
Another view of a small yard with new grass

The final step is to install the turf. It is important to cut the turf so it fits up against the brick edging and driveway so that there is no bunching of grass. The flatter it lays the more natural it looks! The final result is simple yet wonderful!

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