Green Cedar Court Residential Project

Backyard Reimagined

From steep slopes to a functional backyard. The Rapid Lawn team transformed this yard into a space that the homeowners could enjoy!

Work Stage 1


Timber retaining wall in progress
Timber retaining wall and edging
Timber stairway in progress
Timber Stairway

Following excavation, the team divided this steep yard into two tiers. A timber retaining wall and stairway were installed to level the yard. Timber was also used as edging to create a rock border along the fence.

Work Stage 2

The Final Look

Finished retaining wall, stairway and sod
Completed timber retaining wall, stairway and fresh sod
alternate view of the completed retaining wall and new sod
Timber retaining wall and freshly laid sod

Crews finished the stairway with a stone and rock face, creating a beautiful finish. As a final step, the rock border was installed and fresh sod was laid.

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