Jade Place

New pool, new lawn!

Rapid Lawn helped transform this dirt backyard into a neat, clean space to enjoy a newly installed pool! We also installed a retaining wall to keep everything level with the pool!

Work Stage 1


A yard with landscaping in progress around a pool
Alternate view of yard landscaping in progress, including some equipment
Alternate view of landscaping in progress around a pool

At this stage in the project we excavate the existing earth to replace with crusher dust to use as a base for the wall blocks and the turf to sit on. We use tampers to pack down the crusher dust. A good solid base is important to prevent any movement in the wall or the turf!

Work Stage 2

Turf Installation

Workers doing finishing touches on some grass
Alternate view of a yard with new grass and brick edging
A view of a back yard with new grass

Next, we install the retaining wall blocks and glue the caps down. After that, we roll out the turf on top of our compacted base and cut it to a perfect fit! We spike it down and fill with sand to prevent any movement of the turf. Using a power broom to get the sand all the way to the thatch helps keep the blades standing straight up! Once all this is completed you end up with a beautiful, maintenance free lawn!