James Hill Road Residential Project

A "sterling" patio!

A maintenance free yard was the aim here, and we hit it right on the nose! With some lush turf and a beautiful patio this yard turned out amazing!

Work Stage 1


Back yard landscaping in progress
Digging using equipment in a back yard for landscaping
Landscaping sand and gravel laid down in a back yard

A mini excavator is the only machine we could fit in this back yard to excavate. We excavate the area for the patio and the turf at a little different depths. We spray an outline for where the patio is to be laid so we know where to stop excavating at that depth.

Work Stage 2

Patio Installation

View of a back yard with a patio area under construction
pic 1
Back yard in progress with newly-completed patio area
pic 2
An alternate view of a completed patio area
pic 3

Once the base is packed we begin to lay the patio. We used a Lexington tile in the color sterling for this yard and bordered it with a charcoal brick. For the final touch we installed polymeric sand between the tiles to ensure no weeds or ant hills pop up!

Work Stage 3

Turf Installation

Newly-landscaped back yard with grass, gravel and a patio area
pic 1
View of a back yard with new grass and patio area and garage
pic 2
View of finished back yard from patio area
pic 3

A duraflo backing is perfect for people with pets. It allows for drainage at any point in the yard. This helps reduce any odor that pets may create. We finished the yard off with a 1" round rock, with out a border.

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