Retallack Street Residential Project

A Fresh Solution

Managing property can be a handful in the summertime! This property owner converted their apartment buildings yard into a worry-free space for their occupants to enjoy.

Work Stage 1

Before Construction

apartment building before landscaping was started

Before excavation started on this project, the customer had the tree in front of the building removed and the sewer line repaired. At this point, it was time for the landscaping to be redone and the exterior of the building to get updated into a more manageable landscape.

Work Stage 2


excavation of apartment building front lawn

Crews regraded the yard to reduce the amount of water pooling near the building and to create a more gradual slope towards the sidewalk.

Work Stage 3

Work Completed

Front view of apartment building after rock has been placed

Following excavation, we placed edging in between the neighboring properties to keep the rock out of their grass. Next, landscape fabric was placed to deter weeds from growing before proceeding with adding the rock.

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