Sherlock Bay Residential Project

This bay is as green as can be!

The grass on Sherlock Bay was patchy and inconsistent. With a little help from the Rapid Lawn team Sherlock Bay will now be green all year round!

Work Stage 1

Excavation & Brick Edging

Alternate shot of a front yard before landscaping
An area of a front yard before landscaping
A front yard before landscaping is done

When excavating in this yard we had to ensure we were careful around the existing plants and shrubs. The brick edging is step one, that way we can ensure we lay our turf at the right height beside it.

Work Stage 2

Turf Install

An alternate shot of a front yard after landscaping
A front yard after landscaping is completed

We have to make sure that we cut around the brick edging and along the driveway properly, so that the turf doesn't bunch up next to them. The better the cut, the more natural the look! We finished this yard off with some rundle stone along the curb, so no damage is caused to the turf by passing vehicles!

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