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Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Ltd. Ltd. is your Regina, Saskatchewan and area dealer of Perfect Turf synthetic turf, golf, & sports field turf.


Maybe you’d like a lush lawn that your family and pets can enjoy without investing in costly ongoing maintenance? Or, have you always dreamed of a backyard putting green, where you can practice skill shots in the privacy of your back yard? Are you looking for synthetic turf for a dog run? A local business owner who wants your business grounds and company exterior to look PERFECT year round? Fake grass / Synthetic turf from Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Ltd. Ltd. may be the answer.

After careful months of researching the best synthetic grass and putting green materials available. The Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Ltd. team were pleased to develop a working relationship with the #1 Canadian supplier of synthetic grass – PERFECT TURF.

Perfect Turf Synthetic Turf

Perfect Turf’s tenure in the landscaping industry and their knowledge of the synthetic turf market, combined with the technical mastery of their installation methods results in the look and feel of real grass!

Synthetic turf projects we can do at Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Ltd. Ltd.:

  • Golf greens
  • Artificial lawns for a home residences
  • Playground or sports facilities
  • Commercial properties
  • Local and Provincial Government properties and public areas.
  • Dog runs.


Prefer to do it yourself?

Are you looking to install yourself? NO PROBLEM! The Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Ltd. team will help you with every step of the way. From base to final grooming, our experts can walk you through it.

Square footage is determined by multiplying the Width by the Height of the area to be covered in turf. Keep in mind that most of our golf turf rolls are 12 feet wide instead of 15 feet wide. To calculate the total cost for the synthetic grass multiply the total square footage of turf needed by the price per square foot.

NOTE: Perfect Turf is delivered in rolls, just like carpet. Like carpet, sometimes you will need to order more turf than you actually need in order to cover the desired space.

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