Spring Overseeding Techniques

Mar 30, 2012 | Grass Seeding

Do you tend to:Overseed after a deadly winter on the Golf Course?Overseed the area where snow was piled high all winter?The Biotic Approach Means Building a SoilWhile conventional erosion systems rely on imported topsoil to prepare a “seed bed”, the biotic approach relies on refurbishing the existing soil with tillage, if necessary, and with the addition of a Biotic Earth™ Growing Medium and EarthBound® Soil Stabilizers it will mimic the O horizon.

Biotic Earth has perfected our Spring Reseeding Techniques with these benefits to you:

Make poor soils viable and sustainable!

The combination of Biotic Earth Black adds the much needed organics to the mineral subsoil that is being amended, giving you the base for which topsoil improves and vegetation grows.
With the addition of Verdyol Biotic Earth products, the subsoils will start to exhibit better aeration, reduced compaction, improved nutrient storage and transfer, improved soil solution management and other essential traits for vegetation establishment and growth.
Reduces soil crusting for improved water infiltration and plant establishment.

Make good soils great!

Improves erosion control so the good soil doesn’t wash away.
Improves rates of seed germination and plant establishment which will in turn revitalize the soil’s physical and chemical characteristics.
Increases infiltration and soil permeability meaning reduced runoff.
Plus the addition of numerous trace minerals, sugars, starches, proteins and amino acids further improving the soil’s tilth.

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