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Our team is the leading supplier and applier of dust control and tackifier solutions. We advise on dust control, road stabilization, and soil tackifier techniques that deliver exceptional results, while ensuring the most efficient and economical approach.

Dust and airborne debris can quickly become a major problem on roads, construction sites, pipelines, or any unpaved and non-vegetated surface. Minimizing dust reduces air pollution, improves air quality, and contributes to better overall health.

At Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Ltd., we have a wide range of dust control and soil tackifier products available to meet the demands of your job sites. We have experience with the following products from reputable manufacturers and suppliers: DL-10, Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, EcoCB, Soil Lynx, and many others.

If you don’t see your preferred product on this list, please contact us and we can likely access it for you. We are also professionally equipped with some of the largest application equipment in Western Canada to get your job done quickly and efficiently. Contact us today for more details.

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Our Dust Control Services & Soil Tackifier Products Service Process

Our highly trained and professional crews demand perfection and take pride in a job well done. We always use high quality products and the proper application rates, so that the products used perform as they are supposed to. We do not cut corners and complete every project with the end results in mind.

Our dust control and tackifier crews consist of 2-5 crew members. Depending on the size, scope, location, site access, weather conditions, and other factors, some jobs take only an hour to complete. Meanwhile, larger jobs, such as tackifier on pipelines, can take days, weeks, or even months to complete.

With our large equipment, we can cover bigger areas quickly and efficiently. Our production rates are typically about 20,000 to 50,000m2 (or more) per day.

For each job, once we arrive onsite, we have a pre-site safety and planning meeting with our crew and the project manager of the site or company that we are working for. During this meeting, we will clarify the scope of the job, confirm site measurements, review site access, locate water supplies, and any safety issues noticed upon inspection.

Once a plan is in place, our crews will commence loading our hydroseeder equipment with the specified mix of the product we are applying. Most products that we use are applied with water as the carrier. Water is generally filled from a bulk water fill station, surface water such as a slough or dugout (with permission), community wells, or is hauled to the application equipment via bulk tanker trucks.


 As we fill the unit with water, we add the specified amount of dust control or tackifier products into the tank at the same time. Each product has a different method of mixing and loading, so this changes according to the manufacturer’s label for each product.

Once the equipment is loaded, our crews will then apply (or pump on) the product through the hydroseeder either by way the following methods:

1) A cannon on the top of the machine (used for wide open areas)

2) A hose for applying the product where the cannon is not suitable, or cannot reach

3) A spray bar mounted on the rear of the application equipment

During the application process, we take measurements to calculate that we are applying the proper application rates required to provide adequate coverage. If lower application rates are being applied, our crews will re-apply to ensure that we are meeting the standard required for optimum results.

During each job, safety is one of our top priorities. Our staff are highly trained and qualified to perform the work in a safe and efficient manner. Our company is COR certified (pending) and members of ISNetworld and ComplyWorks.

Typically, proper application rates can be observed by appropriate coverage of the products that we are applying. Generally, if it looks “light” on the soil surface, then the product has been applied at too low of an application rate. Proper application rates should have no bare areas and be as even as possible.



STEP 1: Fill out our online form or give us a call



STEP 2: Through a discussion with the client, we gather the necessary information to provide a quote.



STEP 3: Once you approve the quote, we can start your service within 1-2 weeks.

Pricing Details

Generally, we often only perform dust control and tackifier applications for commercial projects, such as roadways, construction sites, pipelines, and mining roads.

Dust control and tackifier pricing is highly variable and depends on a number of factors, including soil and roadway conditions, site access, availability of water close to site, location of the project, safety and orientation requirements, product selection, and application rates.

Pricing is generally by the unit of measure (ie. m2, ft2, acres, hectares), by the tankload (each tank should cover a certain size of area), by the application rate (ie. liters per m2), or by the hour.

We often find that the engineered site drawings and plans do not factor in things, like slope, and are lower than the actual size of the area on the project site. In this case, we expect the client to cover off any shortfalls based on the pricing structure agreed upon prior to application. And if it is less than estimated, we adjust our pricing accordingly as well.

If water supplies are not readily available, there may be additional charges. Get in touch with us for more details!

At Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Ltd. we want to help you complete your landscape project and offer flexible financing solutions to meet your needs.

Our financing solutions are:
Easy, Affordable, Convenient, Flexible, Open & Upfront.

Applying for financing for your landscape project has never been easier, you can do it right from your fingertips.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren’t happy with any aspect of our products or services provided, we will fix or replace the item in question within 48 hours – no questions asked.

Ultimately, we want you – the customer – to be happy with any service we provide. We would love for you to recommend us to your family, friends, and neighbours.

We take pride in our work and guarantee the best service and quality around.

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Getting the spray bar on our hydroseeder unit dialed in for some upcoming dust control applications! 👍

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We are working for and with you in all your projects and services.

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Got Dust? We Can Help!

We offer professional dust control services across Saskatchewan for all types of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

To book, please call our office at 306-993-7300

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We recently rigged up our hydroseeder to be able to apply dust control products to roadways etc. Today was its maiden voyage and its working great!! 😊 👊💪

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Did you know that we also provide dust control services for roads, RM’s and all types of commercial and industrial properties? We recently received a semi-load of EcoCB, which is an environmentally friendly and non toxic dust control agent that is also cost effective. 😊👍

Interested in learning more? Contact us today!

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It’s another windy day here in Saskatchewan, and the dust and dirt is blowing around like crazy! 💨 I came across this construction site near Pilot Butte today, where the sand was blowing so bad, it was actually drifting into the ditch from the wind. I feel bad for the homeowners in this area. 😩
Did you know we also provide full service DUST CONTROL application services for all types of job sites and roadways? With an effective range of products from our partners at @landlocenvironmental we know the job will get done right the first time! Contact us today for more info!!👍.
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Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Ltd. is dedicated to providing the best hydroseeding services to each and every customer. We are proud to serve Regina and the surrounding areas:

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