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May 6, 2016 | Grass Seeding, Hydroseeding

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Hydroseeding vs Regular Seeding explained by Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Ltd.


Growing a healthy lawn from seed is a time-consuming and labour-intensive process, no matter what seeding method you choose. Hydroseeding, though, offers several benefits that make it a quicker and easier alternative to traditional hand-seeding methods.

Hydroseeding Process and Cost

The hydroseeding procedure involves using a mixture of grass seed, wood-fiber mulch, fertilizer and binding agents, all of which are mixed with water to make a semi-liquid slurry. A seeding contractor sprays the mixture onto the soil with a hydraulic sprayer. Hydroseeding differs from hand seeding or dry seeding in that all of the components are applied at the same time; with the hand-seeding method, seed, mulch and fertilizer are applied one at a time in multiple steps. Hydroseeding is more expensive than conventional hand seeding, but it is substantially less expensive than installing sod.

Germination Time

Thanks to the absorbent fiber mulch and the binding agents that hold the hydroseed mixture together, the grass seed stays in constant contact with the moisture in the mulch. That factor helps to speed seed germination, and hydroseeded grass seed sometimes germinates in less than one week. Hydroseeded lawns are typically ready to mow after three to four weeks, generally sooner than a conventionally seeded lawn.

 Moisture Retention

The fiber mulch in a hydroseed mixture holds a significant amount of water around the seed, which means that a hydroseeded lawn requires less maintenance and attention in terms of irrigation, at least initially, than a hand-seeded lawn. Even a hydroseeded lawn may not be able to retain moisture adequately during prolonged dry periods, however, and it may require supplemental irrigation. Also, the fiber mulch in a hydroseed mixture breaks down faster than conventional mulch such as straw. So it won’t provide its moisture retention benefit through an entire growing season.

 Erosion Resistance

The binders and fiber in the hydroseed mixture form a solid mat when the mixture dries, and this mat helps to prevent the seed from being washed away by water or blown away by wind. The solidified mixture also holds onto the soil surface, and it may help to stabilize the soil, limiting erosion.

Fertilizer Content and Mulch Decomposition

A hydroseed mixture contains fertilizers that are appropriate for the varieties of grass seed in the mixture. Because the fertilizers are applied at the time of seeding, they eliminate the need for the additional fertilizer step that hand seeding requires, which erases a concern about the timing of that fertilizer application. When the hydroseed mixture’s fiber mulch decomposes, it also adds nutrients to the soil.

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