Plant Growth on Extremely Difficult Soil

Sep 26, 2011 | Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions

Some soils are prone to erosion because it lacks vegetation to resist rainfall and water runoff. Plants and grass roots hold soil together and contain water, preventing the soil from breaking apart and running off with the stream. Erosion happens when the soil is weak to stand gravity, running water or even strong wind. So it’s obvious that to keep the soil solid and strong, maintaining vegetation is important.

However, it is not as simple and easy as it appears. Some areas cannot obtain vegetation because it contains poor soils that simply cannot support plant growth. Soils that have been dried out of nutrients for industrial use or soils that are naturally not suitable for planting, for example, cannot achieve organic development without human and chemical intervention. Left on their own, it will take hundreds of years for these types to develop topsoil. And, layering them with at least inches-thick of good soil would not be economically viable for landowners.

The most cost-effective solution for extremely difficult soil is Verdyol’s Biotic Earth Black. It is a mulch and growth medium that contains specially processed straw, flexible flax fibers with Canadian Sphagnum peat moss. It features the most effective ingredients for strong soil building, which includes Triacontonal growth stimulant, mycorrhizae, micronutrients and soil conditioners. When applied with Biotic Earth Black, dry and unhealthy soil can absorb water and retain moist better. The product enhances soil structure and promotes plant growth even in the most intricate types of soil.

Biotic Earth Black is most effective in controlling the wearing of soil when it is applied with other erosion control product. In a highly successful vegetation project in Milner Ridge, single and double sided blankets were used to prevent erosion in a slope. The blankets helped held together the soil up to one year for the vegetation to fully mature. The result was absolute success. Over 90% of the large area obtained vegetation with only two instances of minor erosions during the whole project. The company also saved money in terms of cost by utilizing Biotic Earth Black rather than filling the area with topsoil.

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