Rapid Lawn Owner Shares The Pros and Cons of Hydroseeding

Oct 10, 2019 | Hydroseeding, Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions, Turf and Grass Seed | 0 comments

Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Ltd. is your best Regina landscaping company. We have helped many customers achieve the yards they have always dreamed of. In our latest article, we explain the pros and cons of hydroseeding in Saskatchewan.

Considering Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is an inexpensive, efficient alternative to using sod in large areas where a living grass is desired. However, it’s not without drawbacks. Any kind of seeded lawn takes more maintenance to establish than sod.

Pros and cons of a Hydroseeding.

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  • Better adaptability – A primary benefit of hydroseeding is that you can choose whatever seed blend you’d like to use. This means if you have difficult soil, shade, or other tough conditions, you can choose the varieties that will best suit your landscape.
  • Greater disease resistance: Sod is made up of a single type of turfgrass, and any time you plant a single variety of plant, or monoculture, there is greater chance for widespread disease than when you plant a blend of multiple types of turf.
  • Saves money on large areas: Once the Rapid team is set up we can spray all day!  It is a great option for large  areas such as acreages, commercial properties and large residential condo projects.. Contrast that with the high material and labour cost to install sod on those areas, and hydroseeding is the clear choice.
  • More attractive: While sod varieties are often chosen for their ability to withstand sitting in rolls on a pallet, you can choose whatever seed varieties you like when hydroseeding. If you prefer finer-bladed grass, seeding is the way to go.


  • No cost savings on small yards: While hydroseeding is a cost-saving choice for large areas, the initial time and expense of getting the hydroseed machine set up means that you don’t save much money on small lawns.
  • Requires a lot of water to establish: While a sod lawn requires about two weeks of intensive watering to establish well, a hydroseeded lawn can sometimes require two months of intensive watering.
  • Keep off the grass: If you have children or pets, it can be tough to keep them off of your newly-sprouted lawn for the two months it takes for the grass to establish.
  • Minimum size area required for hydroseeding: Our area of focus and equipment setup is mainly suited for commercial projects and large residential jobs. For this reason, we have a minimum charge of $750 (plus mileage) and/or a minimum size requirement of 5000 sq ft to mobilize to any job sites.

    For jobs under 5000 sq ft, our minimum charge is similar to the price of sod, so there is little to no cost-benefit to use hydroseeding vs sod for this small of quantity.

Our professional Trusted Regina hydroseeding and landscaping team offers innovative re-vegetation, grass seeding, dust control, reclamation, landscaping and erosion control solutions and hydroseeding for all types of residential, commercial, government, industrial and oilfield projects.

Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Ltd. Ltd. is your one-stop Regina landscaping company. We have experience working on several large scale commercial projects. Our equipment and our team are ready to tackle a variety of commercial landscaping jobs from snow removal to hydroseeding and anything in between. We also have access to an extensive network of professionals across Saskatchewan and Canada so give us a call to get your project started.

In addition to landscape design, hardscaping and artificial turf, we also do conventional seeding and are suppliers of landscape supply products. We sell all types of turfgrass seed, native grass seed and low maintenance grass seed products.


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