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May 19, 2019 | Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions, Residential Landscaping | 0 comments

Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Ltd. is your best Regina landscaping company. We have helped many customers around Regina, Emerald Park, Lumsden and area, achieve the yards they have always dreamed of. In our latest article, we share some tips on landscaping for privacy.

Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Team Share Landscaping For Privacy Tips.

Your home and your back yard is your sanctuary where you can escape from the outside world. But if your neighbour is mowing his lawn while you’re trying to relax on your patio, you spot the neighbours spying on you in the hot tub or you don’t want bus passengers being able to see you relaxing on your deck, perhaps it’s time to make privatizing your backyard a top priority!

There are a variety of ways to increase the privacy of your yard. Some of the options include adding a fence, wall, lattice screen, or row of trees or hedges. Your property conditions, the desired level of yard privacy and your personal taste will dictate which method you select.


The ideal solution is to install a tall fence or wall to obtain complete privacy, but city building codes usually limit fence heights. In Regina you DO NOT require a building permit to build a fence; however, your fence must comply with all City regulations and bylaws. You should contact the City Of Regina Planning & Development Division prior to construction to ensure that your proposed fence is in compliance with all city regulations.

Some general guidelines for building a fence in Regina, SK:

  • A fence can be no more than 1.83m in the rear of the property and 1.22m in the front of the property except if you are on a corner lot or adjacent to an alley and street intersection.
  • All fences shall be on private property.

Additional Landscaping For Privacy Ideas From Rapid Lawn

There are other methods you can use to increase privacy.  Keep in mind that none of these solutions will provide total privacy, so expect to make some tradeoffs. In addition, when privatizing your yard, you should also be considerate of your neighbours. Avoid blocking desirable views from their property, and consider how trees or a privacy screen will impact the enjoyment of their outdoor space.

Privacy Tips:

  1. Get the privacy you crave by using plants, such as woody vines, to add to the height of a fence.
  2. Use a dense row of trees or shrubs to create a privacy screen.
  3. Strategically place a shed, greenhouse or other outdoor structure.
  4. Use attractive privacy fence designs incorporating latticework and small window cutouts.
  5. Using concrete walls to create privacy.
  6. Awnings Provide Shade and Privacy

A solid landscaping plan and design from Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions will bring privacy to your backyard without making you feel fenced in and isolated from nature.

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