Rapid Lawn Shares Some Benefits of Synthetic Turf

Aug 13, 2019 | Commercial Landscaping, Residential Landscaping, Synthetic Turf | 0 comments

Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Ltd. is your best Regina landscaping company. We have helped many customers achieve the yards they have always dreamed of. In our latest article, we share some benefits of synthetic turf.

Saving water is one of the Benefits of Synthetic Turf

With many synthetic turf fields currently in use across Saskatchewan, students have the opportunity to practice and play on a sports field that can always be counted upon. Simultaneously, across North America, thousands of homes, businesses, golf courses, municipalities and public spaces have turned to synthetic grass to provide a lush, attractive landscape solution that requires minimal resources and maintenance while saving millions of litres of water each year.

Consider the following benefits of synthetic turf:

  • A typical grass sports field can use millions of litres of water each year. Synthetic turf allows communities to conserve that water, which is particularly critical during times of drought.
  • Synthetic turf is a smart solution for overused, unsafe playing fields. A grass field simply cannot remain lush and resilient if it is used more than three to four days a week, or in the rain, or during the six + months of the year when grass doesn’t grow in Saskatchewan – otherwise the surface will become an unsafe, rock-hard, dirt field.
  • Saskatchewan communities need accessible, versatile play surfaces for youth and people of all ages. Parks and sports fields with synthetic turf promote 3 season activity on safe and resilient surfaces. Increased activity helps reduce childhood obesity and promotes well-being.
  • One of the benefits of synthetic turf is, it helps eliminate the use of potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers while significantly decreasing maintenance costs.

Reduce water and lawn maintenance with synthetic turf

Pro Tip: “Turf is seeing huge growth, in properties large and small”

  • Think of your water bill! Users often recover the installation costs within a few years by reducing the need for water and lawn maintenance costs.
  • Artificial grass is a smart solution for beautifying public spaces such as highway medians and airport landing strips that would otherwise be difficult and expensive to maintain. It reduces city maintenance costs, freeing your tax dollars for other purposes.

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