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Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Ltd. is your best Regina landscaping company. We have helped many customers achieve the yards they have always dreamed of. In our latest article, we share some commercial landscaping tips and inspiration.

The Top 3 Commercial Landscaping Tips:

It’s easy to forget how important landscaping is for any business or commercial property. Whether it’s a retail center, office building, or school, it’s important to keep the premises looking great, and that means keeping your landscape design healthy, tidy and functional.

Designing a new landscape is a great way to enhance and improve your company’s image, and we’ve put together a few commercial landscaping tips to help you create an excellent landscape for your Regina, Saskatchewan commercial property.

1. Focus On the Entrance

One of the best ways to make a big impression on your clients is to focus on the landscape immediately surrounding the entrance of your property or building. The pathways should be created with high-quality, durable materials, the walkways need to be easy to navigate and the landscaping should look good whatever the season.

2. Add Color and Energy With Plants

Your commercial property in Saskatchewan can really benefit from plants that add some colour to the exterior design. This is a great way to utilize any extra space around your property’s exterior, as well as any stretches of grass. The designers at Rapid always staying away from high maintenance plans. We select plants for commercial landscaping that don’t require a substantial amount of care and upkeep.

3. Make Your Landscape Functional

Adding furniture and other accessories to your landscape design can give your landscape some character and make it more useful. If you have a large space encourage customers, staff members, students and tenants to experience and enjoy the landscaping comfortably. Choose statues, picnic tables, or fountains to add a great finishing touch to your commercial landscape design.

A Few Great Examples of Commercial Landscaping.

Modern Commercial Landscape Design

This modern design incorporates a large seating area and interactive ping pong tables. This would be perfect for a campus or large office building. The synthetic grass and green shrubs make it extremely low maintenance and always green no matter what the season. The lighting means it can be used after dark too!

Hardscaping in Commercial Landscape Design

Hardscaping is very common in commercial landscaping and this is a great example of why. This space has multiple levels and many separate spaces to sit and ponder or get social.  There’s no lawn to maintain and the use of gravel vs bare earth will keep the weeding to a minimum. The planting is thoughtful and brings vibrant colour into the area.



Lighting is Inviting

This elegant design looks just as good in the dark! Considering the lighting for commercial landscaping carefully. In Saskatchewan winters we have dark morning and the sun sets early, the lighting in this project makes it easy to navigate and it really showcases the space.


If you want more commercial landscaping tips or landscape design ideas check out more article on our Regina Landscaping blog. We have a library of awesome ideas and add several tips and articles a month.

Did our Commerical Landscaping Tips Inspire?

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