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Mar 6, 2018 | Grass Seeding, Hydroseeding, Landscaping Tips

The Key to a Great Looking New Lawn

If the area being planted is smooth and manicured, the resulting grass surface will be smooth and manicured. Golf greens are frequently planted with hydroseeding resulting in a smooth surface.

Hydroseeding material is weed free. However, weed seed is almost always present in the soil, and when the soil gets the moisture and fertilizer from the planting process, weeds usually appear.

Before hydroseeding, the site must be prepared to rid it of all grasses and weeds. More than one application of weed killer (ie. Roundup) will do away with weeds as they germinate. Multiple applications eliminate future problems by ending the life cycle of the weeds. The time of year and degree of weed infestation in your lawn will dictate the needed course of action.

To achieve best results, Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Ltd. needs a slightly loose soil condition that is smooth, rock-free, weed-free, at final grade and contoured according to your desired plans.

1. Landscape planning and design – consult with a professional

Landscaping is an essential component to the overall value and curb appeal of your new home. Planning your new yard can be a daunting task. We recommend that you consult with a Professional Landscape Designer who can provide invaluable service and advice and save you from costly mistakes during the preliminary stages of your new yard planning. Completed designs in a scaled format will include a detailed plan, from placement and type of plants, to positions of decks, patios, walkways and overall functionality of your new yard. Please visit our Resource Section for a list of landscape planning and design specialists.

2. Apply high-quality topsoil – level, lightly pack and then loosen/rake the soil

Soil is the most important ingredient to achieving a green lush lawn for years to come. Sandy soil lacks moisture and nutrient holding capacity and your lawn will “burn-out” very easily during the hot summer months. Heavy clay soil has excellent moisture and nutrient holding capacity, but has a tendency to crack and become hard like concrete under dry conditions. We recommend 6-10″ of top quality topsoil/manure mixture (high in organic matter) prepared to the final grade. Lightly pack the soil with a lawn roller by filling it about half full with water and then lightly rake the soil bed. If the soil is powder dry, sprinkle the area with water the day before hydroseeding in order to put a slight crust on top of the soil. This makes the hydroseeding application more effective by allowing the proper penetration of the mixture into the top ¼ inch of soil. If the soil surface becomes very hard, we recommend a heavy raking/harrowing or even aeration to allow the hydroseeding mixture to penetrate the top layer. Avoid roto-tilling as it typically disturbs more soil than necessary and brings up weed seeds from below ground.

3. Remove all weeds and unwanted grasses – eliminate the competition

We recommend a pre-seed spraying application with a non-selective herbicide such as Roundup. This is a safe, non-selective herbicide that will eliminate all perennial and annual weed species. Seeding can occur within 24 hours of Roundup application; however we typically recommend waiting approximately 3-5 days to fully ensure that all perennial weeds have absorbed the product into the root system of the plant. Do not use a rotary tiller to remove weeds because this usually spreads and promotes even more weed growth.

4. Frequent watering is critical – keep the area moist for at least 3 weeks

Successful grass seed germination and establishment of your new lawn requires frequent and consistent watering for a minimum of 3 weeks following the hydroseeding application. Ensure that you have an adequate water source or sprinkler system (under or above ground) that is able to keep the site moist. A professionally designed and installed irrigation system will add value to your new home and provide the convenience for frequent watering required for new lawn establishment. Please visit our Resource Section for a list of irrigation design and installation specialists.

5. Watch the weather conditions

If the soil is very wet or muddy on the day selected for hydroseeding, please give Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Ltd. as much notice as possible so that the application can be rescheduled. The soil needs to be dry enough to walk on (drive on, if necessary) without disturbing the prepared site.

6. Minimize the results of overspray

During windy conditions it is not uncommon for a bit of an over-spray of the hydroseeding slurry onto sidewalks, flowerbeds and other adjacent objects. The hydroseeding mixture that is used is environmentally friendly and completely bio-degradable. However, if you are concerned about the possibility of over-spray, simply cover the areas/objects with plastic in order to minimize damage and cleanup.

7. Plan ahead

Make the necessary arrangements to keep all traffic, including pets, to a minimum for the next three weeks.


Warm and moist conditions promote faster seed germination. Seed bed conditions determine growth rates after germination. When all the conditions are favourable, most grasses planted with seed will require mowing and have excellent coverage in approximately 4-8 weeks. It is possible, under the most ideal conditions, to produce a turf suitable for a football field which can be ready for play in 60 days. During less favourable circumstances, a good stand of grass can take many months, or even up to a year, to become fully established.

It is important to understand that your new lawn is very susceptible during early stages of growth. Weather, temperature, soil type, moisture, diseases, insects and other factors all affect the success of failure of your new lawn. It is up to you ensure that you provide adequate moisture, fertilizer and reduce traffic in order to increase the success rate of germination and emergence of the young grass seedlings. For lawn care recommendations and advice, please contact feel free to contact us at anytime.

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