Whimsical Winter Landscaping Tips

Nov 8, 2016 | Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions

Does Winter Landscaping Have You Down In The Snow Dumps?

Winter Landscaping can be fun and whimsical with soft snow, hoar frost and the magic of twinkle lights.

Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Ltd. is a Saskatchewan hydroseeding and grass seeding company that offers innovative revegetation, erosion control and site restoration solutions for all types of commercial and residential projects.  They offer commercial snow removal services, landscaping, and large area commercial hydroseeding. They want to give you expert winter landscaping tips.

Once the snow comes the area can look bleak, evening depressing, especially in January after the holiday decorations have been stowed away. But this is the time when you should think about what you can do to spruce up the yard for next winter. Think of it as adding to a winter landscape, like an old farm fence does to a country road that adrift with snow. It stands as a landscape feature and so does the large rock outcroppings. In fact, many photographers are very active during the winter because the bare skeletons against the winter landscape is a remarkable sight. So why not make your yard a winter landscape?

Landscape Forms

Modern Canadian landscapers are looking at the winter in a new way. Because as the colour and denseness of summer fade all that is left are forms, like archways, fences, trees and hedges, structures that, if placed right, also help protect the home from a build up of snow. Large rocks are great landscape features because as they are thermal storage units when the sun comes out their heat keeps the snow away for hours. This means that any colouring or form designs on the rocks are available all winter long.


The stark skeletons of deciduous trees can be accentuated with mini-lights. Putting them up for Christmas does not mean taking them down in January. With the right type of clear or colored lights (in one color) the trees take on a life of their own. This also includes other structures like archways, hedges, and fences. Rock formations and coniferous shrubs like yew and cedar can be lit up with small, coloured spotlights for a magical scene in your backyard landscape. Some new lights have the ability to be programmed so that the colours change either by the hour or each night.

Tree Forms

Besides the common deciduous trees like oaks, elms and poplars there are vine-type trees like corkscrew hazel and curly willow that show off amazing shapes against a winter background, characteristics that are hidden in the summer. Grape vines are also a great backdrop for lights.

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