Landscape Designer Praises RTF Water Saver Grass Seed

Jun 11, 2012 | Grass Seeding

Spring has set in and temperatures across the country are rising quickly. The summer-like feel is already alive and of course this means that homeowners, golf courses, municipalities and landscape companies alike are already seeding.

While seeding at this time of year may be a normal routine for many, there is something very interesting that is being communicated by leading experts in the field to homeowners and seed buyers.

“We use too much water in Canada,” said Carson Arthur, a prominent landscape designer in Canada who just appeared on CityLine TV (National Talk Show). “In Canada new studies have come out that shows we use three thousand gallons of water per week, per house, watering grass and plants. Fifty percent of all the cold water we use in our households is used outside and that’s really bad. As a landscape designer I recommend that we change that.”

According to Arthur, one way to cut back on water use, which will save you cash, is to use a new and innovative seed, RTF Water Saver Grass Seed (distributed by RTF Water Saver Canada).

“This [RTF Water Saver Grass Seed] is a new type of grass seed and I am really excited about it,” said Arthur during his broadcast that reached over three million viewers. “What’s really cool is that the roots of this grass seed go down six feet. That’s huge for such a tiny little plant. What’s really cool is that it uses 30% less water and this is because the roots go so deep they are able to access water tables below, so they are not so shallow and we can now get grass that will live through our hot summer.”

He then added,” This grass grows sideways so it fills all the empty spaces in your lawn. Plus bugs don’t like it; bugs hate this grass… it’s a fantastic new product.”

During the month of May and early June, Arthur will also be highlighting RTF Water Saver Grass Seed on various CTV News affiliates across Canada.

RTF Water Saver Grass Seed is now being utilized by more and more homeowners, golf courses and municipalities across Canada, as this new invention is proven to protect and preserve the environment.

Ryan Streatch, National Agent and Spokesperson for RTF Water Saver Canada, says water conservation is a hot news topic this year. He is also elated that his company’s seed is getting so much attention from Carson Arthur, who is a distinguished expert in the industry.

“Water conservation and pesticide restrictions are matters being widely discussed among homeowners, golf courses, and landscapers from coast to coast,” said Streatch. “RTF Water Saver Grass Seed is now viewed as a viable solution to the environment as it reduces water consumption, provides some pest control and in the end saves people money. When Carson Arthur is talking about us, you know we must be doing something right that benefits buyers and our environment”

RTF Water Saver Grass Seed is innovative in many ways with the R3 Factor (Rapid, Rhizomes, Repairs) and coined ‘The Only Seed You’ll Ever Need.’

The product is an advanced generation of tall fescue and has very active rhizomes (underground stems) to form new plant growth and great root mass enabling superior surface strength, stability and recovery. With roots that also dig very deep, it maximizes available soil, water and nutrients. That means an RTF lawn reduces irrigation costs, saves water, requires less fertilizer and it’s more resilient to shade, drought, disease and insects.

“For government and commercial applications, as well as for homeowners, RTF Water Saver Grass Seed results in lower maintenance costs because of less watering, fertilizing and repairing. Its ruggedness is perfect for areas that get a lot of foot traffic such as parks and sport fields. It is suitable as a no-mow option for golf course roughs or even highway applications,” says Streatch.

The esteemed Vineland Research and Innovation Centre credit RTF Water Saver Grass Seed as a new and innovative eco-solution in the lawn care industry.

RTF Water Saver Grass Seed was also recently featured as a latest and greatest must have product by Owen Reeves, a gardening expert on the Marilyn Denis Show (CTV).

“RTF Water Saver seed establishes quickly and is more resilient,” says Streatch. “Neither weeds or insects proliferate in its dense self-repairing turf. It’s also a water sipper, staying greener during droughts. These environmentally sustainable properties offer consumers improved value; it is easier and less expensive to maintain.”

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