The Benefits of Hydroseeding

Jun 22, 2012 | Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is a highly professional activity that must be done only under the supervision of a professional hydroseeder. This process requires a lot of technical knowhow and right equipment to get better results. Apart from using right skills and latest techniques, a hydroseeding company uses effective hydroseeding products to ensure that there is quick germination of seeds.

Hydroseeding products help in the quick germination of seeds. They improve the quality of soil and prevent soil erosion. Hydroseeding products help in the retention of moisture when the seeds germinate. For better water absorption, blended mulch is widely used. When applied, it forms a homogeneous and consistent mix to achieve better water absorption than a straight wood or straw mulch. It promotes optimal growing conditions to deliver quicker and better germination. It provides a slow release of moisture back into the soil.

There are many more hydroseeding products that the hydroseeding companies use in the process of hydroseeding. Some of them include tackifiers, fertilizers, bio-stimulants and growth stimulants. These hydroseeding products are exclusively designed for hydroseeding applications. They provide necessary nutrients to the seedlings that help them to grow into new plants.

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