Why Import Topsoil?

Mar 20, 2012 | Grass Seeding, Hydroseeding

Would you rather put a bag of wood fiber or bag of peat moss in your home garden to improve the soil?

The Conventional Approach to Erosion Control Starts by Adding Topsoil. Why import topsoil if after construction the only soil component that is missing is organic matter?

Traditionally, the erosion control work starts by properly preparing the seed bed. Onsite topsoil is best if it can be removed and replaced. Often there is little to no salvageable topsoil so the option to import topsoil is deemed to be required or seeding takes place on the poor subsoil for marginal results. If topsoil is brought in, the effort and cost associated with the haul and the potential for the introduction of weed seeds, pathogens, pesticides and even heavy metals is a risk. If no topsoil is used then usually a longer lasting and more expensive erosion control material is required to control erosion until/if vegetation establishes. There is a more logical solution!

Natural soil is composed of materials as shown in the top left hand graph. Topsoil and subsoil are made from 95% of the same substance and only the organic structure is missing. When we haul in topsoil we are hauling in 95% of the material we already have on site only to get the 5% organic material. Can we place just the correct organic material to kick start the building of topsoil from the subsoil we have? The answer is YES. Biotic Earth Hydraulic Growth Mediums are designed just for that purpose.

The Biotic Earth™ Approach – A system that works

The Biotic Earth™ approach follows the design criteria of minimizing the impact on the environment by reducing the amount of earthwork and hauling required while reducing the risks of poor vegetation. Biotic Earth uses agronomic expertise that looks at combining the best organic matter, erosion control fibers, micro and macro nutrients, beneficial bacteria and nutrients that make up the biotic approach to improve the existing subsoil. We bring soil and plant science, chemistry, and erosion control expertise to your construction site to improve vegetation growth which reduces your risk. Canadian Sphagnum peat moss is the base organic used in Biotic Earth. Used by green houses world wide as their preferred growth medium, peat moss comes directly from the earth, is weed free, consistent and the preferred choice of master gardeners.

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