Change the way you look at establishing vegetation with your hydroseeder

Sep 26, 2011 | Grass Seeding, Hydroseeding

Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions Ltd. and Erosion Control is always looking for new and innovative ways to grow better vegetation, faster. Once such product that we really like is called Biotic Earth by Verdyol Plant Research company.

Verdyol Plant Research is home to a line of Biotic Earth hydraulic growth mediums that take erosion control and soil growth to the highest performance level. Looking for superior vegetation establishment without having to import top soil? You are in the right place.

After construction, soil left for revegetation is often severely degraded and lacks many of the essential organics, nutrients and microbial properties to establish, grow, and sustain effective mature vegetation that can withstand the forces of erosion. The Biotic Earth™ hydraulic line of products are a series of erosion control mulches combined with our specially blended soil amendments of Canadian peat moss, micro nutrients and active Endomycorrhizae inoculants that will help your soil come alive and allow vegetation to thrive even on severely degraded or poor subsoils. When used in conjunction with our specially engineered EarthBound® Soil Stabilizers and Tackifiers, you are also ensured the most effective immediate erosion control on nearly any application.

Make poor soils grow! The combination of organics (peat moss) to HydroGold product adds the much needed organics to the mineral subsoil that is being amended, giving you the base for which topsoil improves and vegetation grows. Through the addition of various materials, the subsoils will start to exhibit better aeration, reduced compaction, improved nutrient storage and transfer, improved soil solution management and other essential traits for vegetation establishment and growth. This reduces soil crusting for improved water infiltration and plant establishment.

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